Eclipse 500 For Sale

Eclipse 500 For Sale

The Eclipse 500 For Sale market has changed over the years. At one point their were a lot of used Eclipse 500s for sale on the market. That has changed as Eclipse Aerospace has introduced upgrades for the jet and is fully supporting the airplane. In October 2011 Eclipse announced that their new Eclipse 550 jet was for sale. The Eclipse 550 is basicly an upgraded version of the Eclipse 500 very light jet. Production of that jet is underway with the first delivery supposed to be happening at the end of 2013. Eclipse Aerospace is also selling their Total Eclipse 500 which is a lighty used Eclipse 500 for sale with full upgrades. The price range for the Eclipse 500 jets for sale can very greatly based on the quality of the Eclipse 500 aircraft and most importantly if the Eclipse 500 Jet has been upgraded to meet the Total Eclipse standards.

If you have an Eclipse 500 for sale, you can post it here on this page at no monetary cost. Contact our Aviation Resources Team to learn more and get your aircraft listed here on Sun Airlines.

To Learn more about the cost of an Eclipse 500 by visting our Eclipse 500 price page. Also learn about the Eclipse 500's operating cost on our Eclipse 500 operating cost page.

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